SKY history

I have been training and staying active my whole life. Running, playing tennis, lifting weights, riding my bike or doing something else active. It´s just my lifestyle. It came with my dna and comes natural to me. But, I´ve only trained my physical body, like running or lifting weights. I used to do yoga many years ago, but only for the physical part. I never understood what the big deal with yoga was. And sitting still, doing pranayama, was a little bit of wasting my time, so I thought. Not to mention meditation. Even though I knew a lot about the theory of yoga and meditation, and the great things it did to your body, I wasn't there yet. And you can´t always learn from books. You have to experience it. I had red hundreds of articles about how yoga could change peoples lives. How they ”get to know” themselves, their thoughts, feelings and how they really feel. Ha !!!

Now, I´m one of them 💜 But it didn´t come natural to me. It came to me for a reason. I had to force myself into doing yoga and meditation every day, because I got sick. And I knew it was good for me. A few years ago my body had had enough of me stressing around. My doctor told me to go home and rest and cancel everything in my agenda. My body was worn out and I could not do anything for months. I was so tired and my body could barely move from the bed to the bathroom. Because I was used to hitting the gas all the time and didn´t really understand when it was time to hit the brake. And this thing with staying at home doing nothing, was not my thing. But this time I knew that I couldn´t just rest for a couple of days and then go back to my old routines. This time was different. I needed serious tools to help me heal. And that´s how I began my journey to understanding the essence of yoga. And I am so grateful for that now. But it wasn´t easy. It was a little like getting to know the new me. The mind training was hard, as well as the understanding and the acceptance. I tell you, meditating for three minutes was a huge challenge. It felt like three hours. Today I love it. 

The yoga and the meditation became my tools, my joy, my life force to becoming well, and also a wonderful part of my new life. 

Me and yoga became best friends, after some ups and downs. 

And one thing led to another and I also became a yoga teacher (200 hrs ISHTA graduate)

I already had the running and also the weight training in my life, and other physical activities, and now I got yoga as a gift. 

This is where SKY training was born. Strength, K (c) ardio and Yoga

The three most important things when it comes to fitness and becoming strong, from the inside & out. In your body and mind. 


During the SKY training program, you will have the pleasure of enjoying all of these things. I will guide you every day in whatever program you choose. And please join the FB community  to share your experiences with other sky training members. Sharing is caring 💜 

If you follow the program you choose (together with my food recommendation, less stress and an overall healthier lifestyle), I promise that you will get in the shape of your life. Not only physically, but also mentally. I am with you all the way, if you promise to give all that you have. 

So, what are you waiting for. Lets do this !!!!


My philosophy  
Our bodies are divided in two parts that needs to work together in order to become one. 



1. One physical body that needs challenges by strength or cardio training. 

2. One mental body (your mind & soul) that needs rest, recharging, responsiveness and thoughtfulness. 

The physical body always needs challenges. That is what it is build for. Not sitting still in front of the computer. We need to be active in all kind of ways, every day. Always. If we do not use the body, the way it´s designed for, it will slowly become ill. 

The mental part is as important as the physical. I repeat. It is as important. If not even more important. We need to feed it every day by being nice to ourselves, thinking positive thoughts, hang around with nice people that gives us energy, breath, and give ourselves time to reflect. Just give yourself a moment every day to just land where you stand.
Though we are gonna live with ourselves every day, for the rest of our lives. So it´s time we get to know ourselves. No one else is gonna knock on your door and do it for you. 

Being in harmony with yourself is the core to a good life. If you have that, you can pretty much handle anything that happens to you, or around you, with all the crazy things that´s going on in the world right now. The challenges and adventures of life. 

If you picture a house, where the walls and the roof represent the muscles of your body, and the base/fundament is your soul. It all becomes clear that you cannot build a house without a fundament. At the same time, you can not build a house with just the fundament, without roof or walls.  We need both. Are you with me on that? We need the body and the soul to connect with one another. They cannot live separate lives. It´s impossible.
It took me 40 years to figure that one out. But when I realized that, a lot of other things fell in to place💜


How do you know that Shirin is qualified to guide you?


200 hrs ISHTA yoga graduate

Lic Personal Trainer 


Aerobic teacher



Inspirational teacher in health and fitness


Over 20 years of experience as a journalist with training and health as main subject

Over 20 years of experience as a training coach



Before you start any program, read this very important info

SKY training and all the guides are developed by Shirin Djavidi, based on 20 years of experience in the the fitness and health industry, both from clients and personal, feedback from clients, readers and education.
SKY training is designed to help, guide and inspire people to a healthier, happier and more active lifestyle.

• If you have any health conditions that you worry about, please contact your GP before starting the program. This is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or other treatments.

• All training will be done at your own risk. SKY training will take NO responsibility for any injuries or illnesses that may happen during the program.

• If you don´t get the results that you want, SKY training do not take responsibility for that.

• Make sure you warm up before every session, as recommended, to prepare your body for physical activity and to avoid injuries.

• The guides are not personal, they are designed to suit most individuals.

• This program is designed to fit most people, but if you haven´t trained for a long time & feel that you run out of breath just taking the stairs, I highly recommend that you begin by taking daily powerwalks for 60 minutes for three weeks before you start the program. And also add simple exercises for ten minutes every day to prepare the body for the program. You can do squats, push ups or anything else that involves the whole body. 

This is what you will need to get started

• Get your program (click here) As soon as you purchase any program, you become a member.

• Get your agenda and “book a SKY appointment” with yourself every day. I recommend that you do your workout first thing in the morning, so you´ll be ready to start your day with superpowers! 

• Download a free app of any kind (search for interval apps) where you can set it for 40 sek of activity and 5 sek of rest, for the 12w, 8w and 4w programs. You will receive all the info you need, once your purchase has been approved, so don´t worry. 

• A yoga mat. It´s always more comfortable with a proper yogamat for your yoga practice. And also for the circuit training.

• In order to becoming a member, you need to purchase a program.

• You are all set to begin your SKY journey. And don´t forget to join our FB group (SKYtrainingbyshirin) for more inspiration from other members. I´m always available here for any questions.